Do you think we forgot you? It may take three or four days to get your roads open after a snowstorm. School bus routes and main roads will be done first. If you already have a Custom Work Agreement, the lane may be done later.

2017 Summer Road Programs

The M.D. of Provost No. 52

is currently accepting requests for dust control applications for 2017.
Ratepayers have the option of MG-30 as a dust suppressant,
with applicants paying 25% of the product cost.

Applications will be accepted until April 15th, 2017
Late submissions will not be considered, with no exceptions.

For an application (click here) or more information please contact the
M.D. Administration Office at 780-753-2434.

Ratepayers will note that the M.D. makes no warranties or guarantees as to the life expectancy of the material process.



Effective 7:00 a.m., March 18th, 2017

50% on the following roads:

  • Range Road 74 from Highway #13 north ½ mile
  • Range Road 74 from Township Road 412 south ½ mile (north of Hughenden)
  • Private road sought of Highway #13 going into residence on N.E. 5-41-7W4M (off the end of Range Road 74)
  • Township Road 394 from Range Road 40 to Highway #13 (1 mile)

75% on the following roads:

All Oiled and Chip Sealed Roads (excluding paved roads) including the following:

  • Range Road 24 from Township Road 364 to Township Road 372 (4 miles)
  • Township Road 364 from Range Road 24 to Range Road 25 (I mile)
  • Township Road 382 from Hwy 899 to Range Road 14 (6 miles)
  • Township Road 392 from Hwy 899 to Range Road 21 (3 miles)
  • Range road 42 from Hwy 600 South to Township Road 384 (2 miles), Township Road 384 from Range Road 42 to Range Road 44 (2 miles) and Range Road 44 from Township Road 381 to Township 384 (3 miles)
  • Range Road 50 from Township Road 380 to Hwy 600 (6 miles)
  • Range Road 30 from Township Road 383 To Township Road 390 (3 miles)
  • Range Road 33 from Hwy 13 to Township Road 402 (4 miles)
  • Township Road 410 from Range Road 45 to Range Road 51 (2 miles)
  • Range Road 51 from Township Road 404 to Township Road 410 (2 miles)
  • Township Road 404 from Range Road 50 to Range Road 52 (2 miles)
  • Range Road 52 from Township Road 404 to Hwy 13 (2 miles)
  • Range Road 50 from Township Road 404 to Township Road 402 (2 miles)
  • Township Road 400 from Hwy 13 to Hwy #41 (8.5 miles)
  • Township Road 394 from Highway 41 to Range Road 65 (2.5 miles)
  • Range Road 65 from Township Road 394 to Township Road 393 (1 mile)
  • Range Road 71 from Township 390 to Township Road 402.5 (8.5 miles), Township Road 402.5 from Range Road 71 to Range Road 70 (1 mile) and Range Road 70 from Township Road 402.5 to Township Road 404 (1.5 miles)
  • Township Road 403 from Hwy 41 to Range Road 70 (2 miles)
  • Range Road 70 from Hwy 13 south to Township Road 405 (Shorncliffe Lake Road) (1 mile)
  • Township Road 414 from Hwy 41 to Range Road 71 (3 miles)
  • Range Road 71 from Hwy 13 to Township Road 405.5 (1/2 mile)
  • Range Road 82 from Hwy 13 to Township 422 (2.5 miles)
  • Township Road 422 from Hwy 41 to Range Road 82 (10 miles)
  • Range Road 74 from Hwy 13 to Township Road 403.5 (3 miles)

For more information contact Tyler Lawrason, Municipal Administrator 780-753-2434; Len 780-753-4423; Marty 306-873-7831; or Irvin 780-806-3553

Hamlet and Country Residential Addressing

At it’s Regular Meeting of January 12th, 2012, the Council passed Bylaw 223, which assigns a rural address to every rural and Hamlet residence within the M.D. A copy of the package sent out to all Hamlet and Country Residential Ratepayers is available here.

Here is an example of a lot sign.
Here is an example of a rural address sign.

2014 Business Plan

The M.D’s 2014 Business Plan may be downloaded here, or a hardcopy may be picked up at the Administration Office.

Office Hours

To better serve its ratepayers, the M.D. of Provost has altered the hours of the M.D. Administration office. Starting Monday, March 21st, 2011 the M.D Administration office will no longer be closed during the noon hour, and will be open continuously from the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Permits for Fireworks

At its Regular Meeting of August 12th, 2010, the Council of the MD of Provost No. 52 passed Bylaw 2212, which made changes to the MD’s existing Fire Bylaw. These changes consist of adding the discharge of fireworks to the activities requiring a fire permit; as such the discharge of any fireworks within the MD of Provost No. 52 is NOT permissible without a permit.

More information on obtaining a permit may be found here, and a copy of the new bylaw may be found here.

Charitable Donation Policy

At its Regular Meeting of February 25th, 2010, the Council of the MD of Provost No. 52 ratified a new policy governing the way in which third party funding requests of a nature not related to the ordinary business of the MD are dealt with. In brief, this policy sets aside $40,000 in each fiscal year, for which eligible parties or organizations may apply, and establishes criteria by which said applications will be evaluated and a timeframe for the rewarding of allocations.

For application and eligibility criteria and information relative to submission deadlines, please see the policy in its entirety here. If you have any additional questions please call the MD Administration Office.

Tyler Lawrason, Administrator

Lots For Sale

The MD is currently selling partially serviced lots for development near the airport. For more information go here

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