2019 – 2020
(Updated October 24th, 2019)

Fire permits are required year round.
Fire permits are available from the Fire Chiefs, Deputy Fire Chiefs.

Fire Chiefs & Deputy Fire Chiefs

Barry Johnstone

Provost Fire Chief

Bus: 753-2018
Res: 753-2830
Cell: 753-1454

Hugh Baier

Provost Fire Department

Bus: 753-2657
Res: 753-1918

Brian Cooper

M.D. of Provost #52 West Fire Coordinator & Hughenden Fire Chief

Res: 856-2057
Cell: 806-3479

Cory Lefebvre

Hughenden Deputy Fire Chief

Res: 856-2009

Lee Roworth

Czar Fire Chief

Res: 857-3881
Cell: 806-9089

Jason Manning

Czar Deputy Fire Chief

Cell: 806-0632

Rick Damberger

Amisk Fire Chief

Bus: 753-6888
Res: 856-3799
Cell: 753-4171

Roger Waring

Amisk Deputy Fire Chief

Cell: 209-2158

Tammy Sather

Hughenden Fire Department

Res: 856-2155
Cell: 806-3933

Fire permit holders must:
Notify the Fire Chief or Deputy Fire Chief in the appropriate area when burning (year round) in order to alleviate any unnecessary fire calls.

Notify the Fire Chief or Deputy Fire Chief before starting and extinguishing a fire.

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