2021 – 2022
(Updated October 28, 2021)

Fire permits are required year round.
Fire permits are available from the Fire Chiefs, Deputy Fire Chiefs.

Fire Chiefs & Deputy Fire Chiefs

Barry Johnstone

Provost Fire Chief

Bus: 753-2018
Res: 753-2830
Cell: 753-1454

Hugh Baier

Provost Fire Department

Bus: 753-2657
Res: 753-1918

Cory Lefebvre

Hughenden Deputy Fire Chief

Res: 856-2009

Tammy Sather

Hughenden Fire Department

Res: 856-2155
Cell: 806-3933

Orrin Ford

Czar Fire Chief

Cell: 806-0432

Lee Roworth

Czar Deputy Fire Chief

Res: 857-3881
Cell: 806-9089

Jason Manning

Czar Deputy Fire Chief

Cell: 806-0632

Rick Damberger

Amisk Fire Chief

Bus: 753-6888
Res: 856-3799
Cell: 753-4171

Roger Waring

Amisk Deputy Fire Chief

Cell: 209-2158

Jeff Redekop

West End Fire Coordinator

Cell: 753-0775

Fire permit holders must:
Notify the Fire Chief or Deputy Fire Chief in the appropriate area when burning (year-round) in order to alleviate any unnecessary fire calls.

Notify the Fire Chief or Deputy Fire Chief before starting and extinguishing a fire.