Municipal Roadside Weed Control Program

As part of an effective integrated vegetation management plan, the Agricultural Service Board conducts the municipal roadside weed spraying program focusing on invasive weeds. In areas of concern, we also immediately control Prohibited Noxious in municipal areas.

If a ratepayer chooses not to participate in the municipal roadside weed spraying program, a “Spray Exemption Agreement” is to be completed and returned to the Municipal Office every year before May 1st.

Municipal Roadside Brush Control Program

As part of an effective integrated vegetation management plan, the Agricultural Service Board conducts the municipal roadside brush control spraying program focusing on encroaching brush within municipal right-of-ways.

Municipal Roadside Seeding Program

The Agricultural Service Board works with the Public Works Department on the remediation of newly constructed municipal right-of-way’s and borrow pits. The Agricultural Fieldman will work with Landowners to choose the best blend of grass seed mixture they want their land re-seeded to.

Municipal Roadside Mowing Program

As part of an effective integrated vegetation management plan, the M.D. of Provost conducts a mowing program of approximately 850 miles of municipal roadside allowance.

Municipal Seed Cleaning Plants

The A.S.B. works closely with the municipal seed cleaning plant in Provost; by collecting seed samples, annual inspections and the issuance of yearly operating licenses. This is in accordance with the Alberta Weed Control Act.

Provincial Pest Surveying Program

The A.S.B. conducts several seasonal agricultural pest surveys. The information gathered is incorporated into the Provincial pest control forecast maps. These maps can be accessed through the Aberta Government website.

The pests that may be surveyed include: Grasshoppers, Clubroot of Canola, Fusarium, Wheat Midge, Bertha Armyworm, Diamondback moth and the Provincial Weed inventory Survey.

Provincial Rat Program

The A.S.B. conducts local inspections and baiting of farms to prevent the establishment of Norway Rat infestations. This is in accordance with the Provincial Pest Control Act. For more information, visit our Rat Control Program section.

AAAF Memorial Bursary

The Association of Alberta Agricultural Fieldmen offer a bursary in the amount of $500.00 to post-secondary students enrolled in agricultural or environmental studies, from the Northeast region of Alberta.

AAAF Memorial Bursary Application


Private Spraying

The A.S.B. offers private land spot-spraying operations to ratepayers for weeds such as Toadflax, Tansy, Scentless Chamomile, Leafy Spurge and other Prohibited Noxious or Noxious weeds on a cost recovery basis.

Municipal Rural Updates and Awareness

The A.S.B. works diligently in gathering current information that pertains to rural ratepayers. This information is available through municipal newsletters, radio programs, posters, and newspaper articles.

Agricultural Pesticide Empty Container Sites

The A.S.B. provides five locations for farmers to drop off their empty, triple rinsed and punctured pesticide containers, for future recycling purposes. Please remove caps and labels prior to drop off.

For more infor visit our Regional Landfill section

Rental Equipment:

The following equipment is available to the ratepayers:

Item # Equipment Available Damage Deposit Rental Rate
46-005 8 yard Scraper $500 $175/day ($25 delivery & $25 pickup)
46-008 10 yard Scraper $500 $200/day ($25 delivery & $25 pickup)
46-030 Pasture Plow $500 $100/day
46-043 Agrophow $500 $10/acre: producer provides the tips
46-043 Agrophow $500 $20/acre: MD provides the tips
46-065 25′ John Deere Grain Drill $1000 $5.00/acre
46-032 Land Roller $300 $2.50/acre
Wire Roller $300 $50/day
46-004 Tree Planter & Jack $100* $50/hour
Skunk Traps $100 must be returned within 2 weeks
46-012 Herbicide Sprayer $50 $25/day
Insecticide Sprayer $50 $25/day
46-014 Cattle Scale $50 $0.30/head ($20 min charge)
Corral Panels $50 $50/day
46-021 Broadcast Seeder $50 $20/day
46-013 Fenceline Sprayer $50/day
Fabric Mulch Machine $30/day
Magpie Traps $100 sale only


* Shelterbelt construction will require the deposit, but will not be charged rental fees

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