Our History

MD History

To view the history book printed in 1993 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the MD of Provost #52. Please make note this was made in 1993 so the information in the book is not current. To view the book go here.

Local Area History Books

There are a few local history books that may be helpful for those looking for their roots. Most of the local libraries have copies for your viewing.

The following books are available to purchase as well:

Memories and Milestones – 1905 – 2005 – published in 2006 – History of Amisk Hughenden Roysth. Available at E. Anderson Agencies, Hughenden Village Office and Amisk Village Office, or contact Karen Carson at 780 856-2164

Echoes Along the Ribstone -published in 1978 – History of the Czar Area – Call 780-857-2226 or email roworth@telusplanet.net

More Echoes Along the Ribstone 1978 – 2003 – published in 2003- History of the Czar Area – Call 780-857-2226 or email roworth@telusplanet.net

Lantern Years – published in 1967 – History of the areas Buffalo Park to Neutral Hills – Call Terry Lee at 780-856-2383

Books not available to Purchase:

Early Furrows – published in 1977 – Provost and District History – The entire book is available in electronic form online here. It is a page by page true representation of the book.

Prairie Echoes – Precious Memories of the former Hillcrest Municipality – Metiskow, Cadogan and Cairns – published in 1978

For possible further information on specific family ancestors inquires can be made to irism@telusplanet.net Please put genealogy in the subject line. This is a free of charge and a voluntary lookup that may take some time.

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