List of Committees 2017 – 2018

Updated October 26, 2017


Deputy Reeve- Carson (1)

Administration Building

Kozlinski, Tripp (1)

Agricultural Service Board

Motley, Kozlinski, Carson, Tripp, Murray, Rustad, Charlton (1)
Marilyn Reinhart – Secretary (1)

Airport Committee

Charlton, Tripp (1)
Don Twa – Civilian Member

Assessment Review Board

Appointed as needed.

Capt Ayre Lake Committee

Tripp, Kozlinski (1)

Doctor Recruitment Committee

Murray (1)
Administrator Tyler Lawrason (1)

East Fire Committee

Carson, Rustad, Kozlinski (1)

Emergency Management

Tyler Lawrason Director
Dana Laye Deputy Director
Public Information Officers Michelle Formanek and Tyler Lawrason (1)

Emergency Management Advisory Committee

Murray, Carson, Charlton (1)


Kozlinski, Charlton (1)

Fire Permits

Barry Johnstone, Neil Whiting, Hugh Baier,
Lee Roworth, Rick Damberger, Roger Waring
Brian Cooper, Cory Lefebvre (1)

Gravel Committee

Carson, Tripp, Motley (1)

Health Services Foundation

Murray, Tripp (1)

Hillcrest Lodge

Charlton, Motley (1)

Joint Development Committee

Tripp, Rustad(1)

Joint Ownership of Doctor's House Committee

Murray (1)
Administrator Tyler Lawrason

Land Reclamation Officers

John Degenstien
Brian Carter

Library Board Committee

Kozlinski (1)
Deb Nelson (2)
Tim Nordin (2)
Roxanna Wotschell (2)
Jackie Almberg (2)
Sandra Johnson (2)

Provost & District Recreation Board

Tripp, Murray (1)

Provost Seed Cleaning Plant

Tripp (1)

Shorncliffe Lake Committee

Charlton, Carson (1)

Subdivision & Development Appeal Board Committee

Owen Almberg (4) Gina Vetter (4), Terry Lee Degenhardt (4), Tyler Lawrason, Secretary (1)
Jamie Rennie (4), Fred Klein (4)

Waste Management Committee

Rustad, Motley (1)

Weed Control Act Appeal Board

Lorne Olson (4), Owen Almberg (4), Terry Lee Degenhardt (4), Lee Waltz (4), Gina Vetter (4), Warren Heisler (4), Tyler Lawrason – Secretary (1)

West Fire Committee

Carson, Tripp, Rustad (1)

West Recreation Committee

Motley, Carson, Charlton, Tripp (1)

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