Mission Statement And Objectives

The Municipal District of Provost No. 52 continually strives to provide a rural environment where residents may enjoy an excellent quality of life.

Service Delivery Objectives

  • To conserve agricultural land.
  • To maintain and develop a viable Roads Transportation Network.
  • To promote a diversified agricultural industry and environmentally sound natural resource development.
  • To protect residents by providing effective emergency response and crime prevention services.
  • To participate in regional partnerships that promote the availability of health care, education and recreation services and facilities.
  • To offer resources and support voluntary efforts to provide social programs.


Tyler Lawrason


Dana Laye

Executive Assistant to the Administrator

Doug Chambers

Finance Officer

Michelle Formanek

Assistant to the Finance Officer

Raina Laye

Public Works Administrative Assistant

Irvin Bethge

Special Projects Coordinator

John Degenstien

Development/Utilities Officer

Keith Hagen

Utilities Officer

Bob Hawriliuk

Assistant Development Officer

Marilyn Reinhart

Accounts Coordinator

Maxine Mailer

Data Entry Clerk

Julianna Lakevold

Office Assistant

Julie Jamieson

Inventory Procurement Officer

Office: (780) 753-2168
Fax: (780) 753-2199

Kent Kozlinski

Pest Control Officer

Ian Green

Peace Officer

Andre Guilbault

Assessor- Wainwright Assessment Group

Len Fossen

Operations Manager


Shop: (780) 753-2168
Fax: (780) 753-2199

Marty Biro

Operations Manager

Brian Carter

Ag. Fieldman

Important Numbers

Administration Office

Provost Shop

Hughenden Shop

Public Works On-Call

Utilities On-Call

Disaster Services

Main: 911

Winter Plowing

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