Mission Statement And Objectives

The Municipal District of Provost No. 52 continually strives to provide a rural environment where residents may enjoy an excellent quality of life.

Service Delivery Objectives

  • To conserve agricultural land.
  • To maintain and develop a viable Roads Transportation Network.
  • To promote a diversified agricultural industry and environmentally sound natural resource development.
  • To protect residents by providing effective emergency response and crime prevention services.
  • To participate in regional partnerships that promote the availability of health care, education and recreation services and facilities.
  • To offer resources and support voluntary efforts to provide social programs.


Tyler Lawrason


Lauren Grosky

Director of Legislative Services

Wendy Trenerry

Finance Officer

Vanessa Hahn

Tax & Payroll Clerk

Brian Carter

Ag. Fieldman & Pest Control

Kent Kozlinski

Pest Control Officer

Jessica Robley

Assistant Agricultural Fieldman

Caitlin Wolf

Assistant Agricultural Fieldman

Michelle Holte

Weed & Pest Control Manager

John Degenstien

Development Officer

Bob Hawriliuk

Assistant Development Officer

Leo Tobias

Utilities Officer

Marilyn Reinhart

Accounts Coordinator

Julianna Lakevold

Office Assistant

Julie Jamieson

Inventory Procurement Officer

Office: (780) 753-2168
Fax: (780) 753-2199

Dana Laye

Inventory Procurement Officer

Office: (780) 753-2168
Fax: (780) 753-2199

Irvin Bethge

Special Projects Coordinator

Len Fossen

Operations Manager

Marty Biro

Operations Manager

Ian Green

Peace Officer

Andre Guilbault

Assessor- Wainwright Assessment Group

Important Numbers

Administration Office

Provost Shop

Hughenden Shop

Public Works On-Call

Utilities On-Call

Disaster Services

Main: 911

Winter Plowing

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