Shorncliffe Park in located in East-Central Alberta, in the Municipal District of Provost, approximately 220 kilometers south east of Edmonton and 60 kilometers west of the Saskatchewan border. It encompasses 100 acres (40 hectares) and hosts more than 50 campsites, with services ranging from power only to full service. For your convenience and enjoyment, the park also features shower rooms, laundry facilities, playgrounds, ball diamonds, a soccer pitch, a tennis court, an arena and rodeo grounds. The Lake is great for swimming, boating and all kinds of beach activities.

The broad range of campsites are available on a first come, first served basis and there are three group sites that can be booked for social gatherings, family reunions, etc. There also 45 privately owned cabins at the park. The mix of campers, residents, toddlers, teenagers and seniors provide for a kaleidoscope of preferences and activities. With all of the options and activities, a solid level of tolerance, understanding and respect is required to ensure that a good time is had by all members of the spectrum.

One of the biggest draws of the park is not instantly obvious; it is the community involvement and spirit of volunteerism that has been a big part of the park; since its inception in 1918. Over the years, Shorncliffe Park has hosted many major sporting and social events and that spirit still makes the park a great place to take the family for a weekend or a longer vacation. It is known locally as the place to take “kids” where they can “be kids”. Not only are the playgrounds busy; on warm summer days, the lake and beach are usually packed with swimmers, boaters, skiers and tubers.


Shorncliffe Lake is over 3 kilometers long and .7 kilometers wide, providing a great venue for boating, tubing and skiing. The park side shore provides a sandy beach for swimmers of all ages. The park also plays host to two weeks of swimming lessons in July, that has been a big hit with the local community for over 50 years. As with any recreational lake. it is important that all participants take care to ensure the safely of others. Boaters must also learn where the shallow spots in the lake are to avoid mishaps.

Let’s be careful out there! As we enjoy our lake with swimming, boating and other water sports; it is always important to remember to keep safe. There are very comprehensive safety guidelines for swimmers and boaters, and everyone should take the time to educate themselves and their children. The Shorncliffe Park Improvement Association provides Canadian Red Cross based swimming lessons at the lake for two weeks each season.

Take note that there is no specific signage on potential hazards in the lake , such as sand bars or rocks that could damage water craft or possibly cause harm to the operators. The main reason for this is that the depth of the lake can vary from season to season so the location of potential hazards can change significantly. Most boaters have enjoyed water sports on the lake for many years without incident but, on occasion, “new participants” have damaged their water craft, usually by travelling too fast in unfamiliar water. It is very important for all water craft operators get to know the lake and, when in doubt, drive slow. Everyone should also be aware that there are specific rules related to the consumption of alcohol at the park and many of these rules are very relative to water safety.

All lakes in Alberta are at risk of having “swimmers itch”; as it is transmitted by water fowl. Occurrences are rare at Shorncliffe Lake but it did occur in 2015. Beach rinse facilities were implemented to help reduce the affects. Attached is an information article on the subject.


For more information during the summer season, please contact the park attendant at the park office during the day, call 780-857-2435 or email

Please be advised that effective immediately, we will no longer be checking the email, the new email is

We hope you will have a safe and very enjoyable experience at our park.







There are over 100 acres of flora and fauna for your enjoyment. This setting provides plenty room to camp, swim and play; with just enough facilities to enjoy the good life, while you are “roughing” it. Showers are free and there is a laundromat if you need to replenish your supply of towels or wash some of the fun out of your clothes. A concession booth is open most of the summer season if you need a quick meal, treat or a cool soft drink.

Shorncliffe Lake Chalet Rental Rate
Please be advised that, at its regular meeting on January 10th, 2019, the Council of the Municipal District of Provost No. 52 did move to set the rental rate for the new Shorncliffe Lake Chalet at $50/day.



The Park features over 50 designated camp sites. There are 3 group sites that can be booked for special events including reunions or family gatherings. All Camp Sites, other than the three designated Group Camp Sites, are only available on a first come, first served basis. Some time limit restrictions may apply but the park management is committed to do what they can to accommodate most situations. There is also lots of overflow space available, with more limited access to power and water services.



The Shorncliffe Concession Booth is OPEN, 7 days a week for the 2017 year! Open 11am – 8pm. Watch for daily lunch and dinner specials. Sheila will also be featuring fresh baked pies and buns!



April 25, 2017 (Wednesday) – 7:30 pm: Regular Shorncliffe Park Improvement Association Meeting at Shorncliffe Lake Hall

May 7, 2017 (Sunday) – Mother’s Day at Shorncliffe Park – Music (tentative) at the front entrance Gazebo at 2 pm.

June 19, 2017 (Sunday) – Father’s Day Brunch at the Shorncliffe Hall – (tentative)

July 17, (Monday) – July 28, 2017 (Friday): Annual Swimming Lessons – To preregister or for more information please contact: Jackie (780-857-2615)

July 20, 2017 (Thursday): Youth Outreach – (tentative)